The Times Cranbourne team brings a wealth of knowledge, having more than 15 years of experience in serving delicious meals and amazing drinks Victoria wide. After our sucessful venture with Times Berwick and Grove Train Cranbourne, our love and passion for hospitality unites us in opening a new venue offer to the Cranbourne community, as well as the surrounding areas.

What We Offer

At Cafe Cranbourne, we believe that the perfect cup of coffee requires the perfect blend of passion, precision, and care. Our team of skilled baristas is dedicated to crafting a unique coffee experience that caters to all coffee lovers’ tastes and preferences.

Best Beans

We source the highest quality coffee beans from around the world to ensure that every cup of coffee is rich in aroma and flavor.

Quality Milk

We use only the freshest milk sourced from local farms, ensuring that each cup is creamy and delicious.

Perfect Blend

Our experienced baristas consistently blend the beans and milk to create the perfect balance of flavors.